"creator of the Amber Frog Bow"

“..seeing a Peccatte copy which he made, was one of astonishment...” - Elmar Oliveira Concert Soloist

"..his bow was a perfect piece of work showing the right spirit of Vuillaume-Voirin.....

As for the owners of his bows, they should be honored to be in possession of such bows." Jean Francois Raffin  Bow Expert/Master Maker, Expert Pres La Court D'Appel de Paris

".. for me he was the Stradivarius of Contemporary American Bow Makers." - Gennady Filimonov

1st violinist of odeonquartet

"..superb copyist in the Great French Tradition.." - Bernard Millant Maitre Luthier-Archetier, Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers d'Art

" of the best modern bowmakers I have seen." - Peter Horner of Bonhams

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Tel: 206.789.4760

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" He is greatly missed by all who loved him and    his consummate Artistry."

     Keith  M. Peck

     b. June 17, 1953 - d. November 5, 1998

In Memoriam